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Farrow founder Charles Mayfield’s interest in clean food began when, as a personal trainer, he began researching nutrition to help his clients reach their fitness goals—and eventually co-authored three paleo cookbooks.

The more Charles learned, the more he realized it’s not just the kinds of food we eat that impacts our health, but also the way that food is grown. He spent years researching farming techniques that are better for the environment and for the welfare of the animals. And when he learned about regenerative farming, he was hooked.

Charles believes in growing healthy food and giving his children a deeper connection to the land.

Charles started Mayfield Pastures with the goal of growing food in a way that could heal both the body and the planet. He also wanted to teach his children the value of hard work, about land healing, and give them a deeper connection to healthy food and the land where it’s grown.

Farrow was born from Charles’ direct experience with land healing at Mayfield Pastures. His commitment to optimal sourcing and supporting regenerative farming are at the heart of every product Farrow creates. Farrow, like proper land management, requires a more human touch and less industrial mechanization. Charles plans to leverage Farrow’s growing demand to create opportunities for more consumers to see the many benefits of farming with nature.

Charles has seen thousands of friends and customers dramatically improve their health by removing toxins and preservatives from their diets. Farrow is the next phase in highlighting the benefits of regenerative farming for both people and planet. One small shift to clean and healthy skincare products is another step forward in removing toxins from our lives and healing our communities and our environment.

Charles Mayfield and his kids sitting on porch

Epic Sunburn and the Birth of Farrow

Farm work isn’t kind to skin. In July of 2019, Charles spent two solid days desperately working to repair a broken irrigation system. The result: restored water and a particularly brutal sunburn.

Late on that second night, Charles sat at his kitchen table, dead tired, relieved, and starting to feel the full impact of the worst sunburn he’d had since childhood. All he wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed—but he was dreading the inevitable pain. Then he remembered the lard he had stored in his refrigerator and decided to give it a try.

After covering his scorched skin with lard, Charles waited 20 minutes or so before heading off to the shower. He was surprised that neither shower nor lying in bed was nearly as painful as expected. Even more surprising, he never blistered or peeled, and in just a few days, his sunburn was gone.

Part of being a regenerative farmer is always looking for better ways to run the farm so that the animals thrive and nothing goes to waste. After experiencing such a surprising recovery from sunburn, Charles decided to start looking into the use of animal fats in traditional skincare. He discovered a lot of similarities in the development of the food and skincare industries. They started out being clean, healthy, simple. But as they grew into large corporate-controlled conglomerates, both skincare products and food became increasingly chock-full of garbage ingredients.

After that he started experimenting on himself, creating creams and salves with lard to soothe his damaged and dry skin. And he was pretty impressed with the results. Farrow was so gentle, he felt confident using it on his own kids. He also began giving out samples to friends and customers to see how these new lard-based skin creams would work for them. And the feedback was overwhelming!

Charles loves pigs

Nature heals mind, soul, and skin.

Folks Love Farrow

As a naturopath and health advocate, Farrow has given Sandy the ideal skin moisturizer.
Melissa Owens, an expert in essential oils and health, appreciates what goes into Farrow skincare.
Kara got tremendous relief from a blister on her lips after just two days of using Farrow FaceFood.
Cheryl headshot

Living in Colorado, our skin is always dry and cracked. A little Farrow went a long way. I didn’t need to use gobs and gobs. A little SkinFood on my poor toe provided instant relief!

~ Cheryl, Denver

Lauren headshot

After a snow skiing vacation my daughters’ faces were so severely windburned their cheeks were beginning to scab. After only a few applications of FaceFood, the windburn disappeared with no peeling, scaring, or scabbing. I’m a firm believer in the power of Farrow Skincare to nourish the skin.

~ Lauren- Professional Money Manager

Carol headshot

These last few years have taken a toll on my skin. I’m beyond amazed by how quickly my skin improved after only a few weeks using Farrow’s Total Skincare Bundle. FaceFood and SkinFood soak right in and leave no residue. I recommend Farrow to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin.

~ Carol- Nurse and Client Experience Director

Eve headshot

I never imagined I’d smear lard on my face. But, FaceFood is absolutely the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I suffer from dry, cracked skin at the corners of my mouth. It’s ugly and painful and there’s little help for it. I saw improvement the first day of using FaceFood! Thank you!!!

~ Eve- Realtor Atlanta