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Farrow Total Skincare

Good for your skin and for the planet

Farrow Skincare was developed by Charles Mayfield, healthy living evangelist and owner of Mayfield Pastures in Athens, TN. Farrow products are made with simple, clean, chemical- and toxin-free ingredients. The initial launch includes SkinFood and FaceFood creams and our Skincare Elixir, a CBD product taken sublingually. Together, our total skincare bundle promotes healthy skin from the outside in and the inside out. Farrow’s newest product, EpicDermis, was launched in April, 2023. The SmartLard™ used in Farrow creams is exclusively sourced from regenerative farms to deliver the maximum benefit from naturally occurring vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Farrow Skincare launched in January 2022 after nearly 24 months of product testing and formulation. The company is projecting to reach 400 subscribers for its products by December 2023. Farrow is the first skincare product to enter the market with SmartLard™ as the primary active ingredient.

Farrow Skincare is available for sale at

Farrow Skincare
PO Box 907
Athens, TN 37371

Charles Mayfield

Farrow founder, Charles Mayfield:

Farrow founder Charles Mayfield’s interest in clean food and healthy products began when he was working as a personal trainer. He spent years researching nutrition to help his clients reach their fitness goals and eventually co-authored three paleo cookbooks. Along the way, he discovered that it’s not just the kinds of foods we eat that impact our health, but also the way those foods are grown. Learning about regenerative farming changed the course of his life. 

Regenerative Farming:

Regenerative farming is conservation-based approach to growing healthy food with sustainable practices like rotational grazing, composting, and recycling. It reduces waste, improves the vitality of the soil, eliminates the need for chemical pesticides and herbicides, and dramatically reduce atmospheric Co2. Regenerative farming is also healthier and more humane to animals. Instead of being caged in overcrowded, stressful enclosures where they become ill and require hormones and antibiotics, regeneratively raised animals spend their days roaming the pastures soaking up fresh air and sunshine and eating healthy, clean feed. 

How Charles + Regenerative Farming = Farrow

Charles began Mayfield Pastures with the goal of growing food in a way that could heal the body and the planet – and to give his children a deeper connection to healthy food and the land where it’s grown. As a regenerative farmer, he’s always looking for ways to reduce waste and make the most of the farm’s resources. Several years ago, suffering from a particularly brutal sunburn, Charles tried slathering himself with lard. He was blown away by the surprising speed of his recovery, began researching the use of animal fats in traditional skincare, and the idea for Farrow was born. Farrow’s ingredients are sourced exclusively from regenerative farms and the cream’s signature fragrance is a unique blend of doTerra essential oils. 

Farrow Skincare Basics:

  • Chemical- and toxin- free
  • Crafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness
  • Balances innovation and tradition
  • FaceFood and SkinFood are fully concentrated and long-lasting: they contain no water which only dilutes skincare products and encourages mold
  • FaceFood and SkinFood are made with SmartLard™

SmartLard ™ Facts: 

  • Sourced only from Regenerative Farms
  • Gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin
  • Perfectly aligned PH for human skin, absorbs deeply, locks in moisture, and provides an exceptional protective barrier
  • Rich in naturally occurring vitamins that help promote collagen production and minimize dark spots, wrinkles, and signs of aging
  • Free from chemicals, toxins, and other impurities common in lard from conventional farms


FaceFood: Leaf lard, tallow, lard, honey, essential oils (grapefruit, lavender, sandalwood)
SkinFood: Lard, tallow, leaf lard, honey, essential oils (grapefruit, lavender, sandalwood)
Skincare Elixir: CBD distillate, MCT oil, orange essential oil

Charles Mayfield, owner of Mayfield Pastures and Farrow Skincare, can talk. 

His Southern conversational charm combined with decades of research and experience make him an entertaining, engaging, and informative speaker for events, group meetings, and podcasts. His favorite topics include: 

  • regenerative farming
  • healthy eating
  • how the uses of chemicals and toxins in skincare parallel those in the food industry. 

Talk to Charles about your next event or podcast. 


Farrow Introduction Video

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