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How Should I Use Farrow Creams?

A little Farrow goes a long way. Rub a small amount of Farrow on your fingertips and then apply to skin and rub in thoroughly. Your skin is going to LOVE Farrow, but we suggest you test one area before applying it all over.

When should I use Farrow Products?

There is no hard and fast rule here. Many of our customers apply Farrow creams at night after cleansing their skin before bed. Our founder uses SkinFood in the morning as an aftershave lotion. Farrow Skincare Elixir can be taken in the morning and before bed. The choice is yours and we suggest experimenting to discover your best routine.

How long will Farrow creams last?

How long your products last depends on how you use them. But because there are no ingredients in our products that dilute their effectiveness, a little Farrow goes a long way. If using a pea-sized amount daily, your jar of Farrow Facefood should last about a month. But if you use Farrow Facefood or Skinfood more slowly, that’s okay too. There’s nothing in Farrow creams that causes them to spoil either, so they will be good for up to six months.

What is SmartLard™?

Not all lards are created equal. Farrow is crafted using the highest quality lard from pigs that were raised in a natural and ecologically friendly way. Our SmartLard is packed full of vitamins and minerals. The pH is naturally aligned and balanced for human skin and the lipids are in perfect harmony on a cellular level. Store bought lard can be rancid and toxic. Your skin deserves only the highest quality fat to moisturize and heal.

How should I store my products?

You can store Farrow products anywhere convenient for you —a bathroom or kitchen counter or bedside table. However, we do recommend a climate-controlled environment. When Farrow creams get warm, they can melt or separate. If this happens, simply shake the jar, and place it in the refrigerator for an hour or so to reset the cream’s texture.

Is Animal Fat Safe for my Skin?

SmartLard has a natural PH and lipid profile that is directly aligned with human skin. After all, humans are animals, too. Farrow is an extremely effective way to nourish your skin.

Isn’t lard oily?

A little bit of Farrow goes a long way. If you use too much, it may feel oily. But used as directed, there should be no problem. Lard has the same pH as human skin, so it absorbs quickly and easily and nourishes skin on a cellular level.

You want me to put lard on my face?

We most certainly do! We’ve spent years formulating and testing Farrow, first on ourselves and then on many others, and the positive response has been overwhelming! Lard was used for centuries in traditional skincare products. Our contemporary testers tell us that Farrow, made with SmartLard ™, has helped with all kinds of skin issues from soothing dry itchy patches to reducing lines and dark spots to enhancing overall complexion.

Are Farrow Products cruelty free?

Farrow products are made using the fat from animals. These animals made the ultimate sacrifice to feed our community and we honor that by making sure that none of the fat goes to waste. Due to the gentle and natural makeup of our skin products, there is absolutely zero product testing or trials on other animals.

Isn’t fragrance in Skincare a bad thing?

The industrial skincare world uses tons of chemicals and perfumes in their products. We recommend avoiding these for sure.

Farrow’s fragrance is made with the highest quality essential oils. Our proprietary scent formulas are designed to relax and encourage healing at every level.

We also offer a fragrance-free version. However, you should know that Farrow products are not entirely odorless. The natural scent of Farrow isn’t overwhelming, but it’s animal fat. If you prefer fragrance-free creams, just let us know. Scented or not, Farrow creams support the healthiest most vibrant skin you’ve ever experienced.

Is Farrow Gluten Free?

Absolutely! Why in the world would you ever put gluten into a skincare line? Seems intuitive …but maybe not. We handcraft these products and use only the ingredients that support and nurture your skin.

So there are no preservatives in Farrow?

Zero preservatives or chemicals. Our commitment to our customers is that Farrow is handmade using only the finest animal fats and other natural ingredients. Farrow is unique and delivers an unparalleled experience. We stand by our convictions: processed foods aren’t good for us to eat…therefore processed skincare isn’t good for our skin. Farrow does have a shelf life and we recommend using it within 6 months.

Can I use this for Acne?

You should absolutely use Farrow for acne. Acne happens when your pores get clogged. There is nothing in Farrow products that will irritate your skin or clog pores. Lard is also surprisingly effective in counteracting oily skin. So, it can help clean out pores and prevent blemishes from forming in the first place.

Why did my SkinFood separate and what should I do about it?

Farrow skincare creams are natural, handcrafted products. Because we don’t add chemicals, our creams can separate – especially if they’re kept in a warm environment. If that happens, simply shake the jar, and place it in the refrigerator for an hour or so to reset the cream’s texture.

Orders & Shipping

Farrow is made in real time and in small batches to ensure super freshness and the highest quality. Orders typically ship within a week from the day they are received.

While we don’t give refunds, we will replace any item damaged in shipping within 30 days of your receiving them. Just fill out this form with a picture of your damaged product along with your order number, and we’ll get a fresh replacement right out to you! 

Good for your skin. Good for our planet.

Folks Love Farrow

As a naturopath and health advocate, Farrow has given Sandy the ideal skin moisturizer.
Melissa Owens, an expert in essential oils and health, appreciates what goes into Farrow skincare.
Kara got tremendous relief from a blister on her lips after just two days of using Farrow FaceFood.
Cheryl headshot

Living in Colorado, our skin is always dry and cracked. A little Farrow went a long way. I didn’t need to use gobs and gobs. A little SkinFood on my poor toe provided instant relief!

~ Cheryl, Denver

Lauren headshot

After a snow skiing vacation my daughters’ faces were so severely windburned their cheeks were beginning to scab. After only a few applications of FaceFood, the windburn disappeared with no peeling, scaring, or scabbing. I’m a firm believer in the power of Farrow Skincare to nourish the skin.

~ Lauren- Professional Money Manager

Carol headshot

These last few years have taken a toll on my skin. I’m beyond amazed by how quickly my skin improved after only a few weeks using Farrow’s Total Skincare Bundle. FaceFood and SkinFood soak right in and leave no residue. I recommend Farrow to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin.

~ Carol- Nurse and Client Experience Director

Eve headshot

I never imagined I’d smear lard on my face. But, FaceFood is absolutely the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I suffer from dry, cracked skin at the corners of my mouth. It’s ugly and painful and there’s little help for it. I saw improvement the first day of using FaceFood! Thank you!!!

~ Eve- Realtor Atlanta