Farrow is Making a Scene(s)

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Scenes Media. They approached us late last year wanting to see if any of their artists might be keen on Farrow products. Our first featured artist is the undeniably talented Jenny Leigh. Jenny was absolutely smitten with Farrow from the start. She and her husband, Adam Wakefield, check all the boxes for us:

  • Amazingly talented artists who are in front of the lights & camera all the time
  • New parents to their beautiful daughter, Fern
  • Concerned about their health and skin, for them and Fern

Her new song, “Old Oak Tree”, is the perfect pairing for a skincare company built on the foundation of regenerative agriculture. It is beyond an honor to have Jenny join the Farrow family and we are thrilled to bring her music to our brand. Highlighting natural beauty with all-natural skincare is our honor!

Working with Jenny is a match made in skincare heaven. Jenny has stated how much she loves our products because they are safe for her and Fern. Jenny has promised she is working on getting Adam to lather up with Farrow and to tinker with our Skincare Elixir. Did you know Farrow makes an amazing beard balm?

Farrow Total skincare bundle jars and bottle

Country music is a fitting genre of music for the first lard-based skincare company on the market. We hope our products have your skin picking and grinning with delight.

We can’t wait to bring you more artists and incredible music as we expand our work with Scenes Media. Thanks for tuning in….and STAY LATHERED!