Is This Halftime?

Scott and Adelyn joked with me over the weekend that I was “half way home” turning 50. Thank goodness I’ve got a great skincare product to keep me looking young.

One of my favorite songs of all time is “A Pirate Looks at 40” by Jimmy Buffett. You’d never know it, but I’m an absolute SUCKER for sailboats and being on the water.  Some of my most cherished memories were on the water with the wind in the sails.  Also—my mother’s side of the family literally grew up with Jimmy Buffett, think one of my aunts maybe even dated him for a spell.

I don’t have anyone to write this one for me…so this is going to feel a little weird.  Going to ramble on a bit and Lard willing, connect some dots for you fine folks.  Here goes….

Well—this Pirate is now looking at 50!!!

Don’t really have a plan for this post—other than to do a little reflection and crack the door on what will be my sixth decade on this floating rock.

Decade 1 (1974-1983):   Born in a hospital in Cleveland TN…the first of three children to wonderful parents (Scottie and Lisa).  A handful of scars in my first 10 years.  Lots of time outside, in my dad’s workshop, and my mother’s kitchen. Finally grew legs long enough to reach the pedals on the lawn mower and was quite good at keeping up with the 2-3 acres of lawn that we had the luxury of growing up on.

People think I grew up on a farm—not true. My parents did always have a few goats, ducks, chickens or geese around when we were kids.  Don’t pee on the electric fence ya’ll. Oh…also, don’t raise peacocks. They shit everywhere, hate people, and are generally poor pets.  Don’t let those pretty feathers fool you…peacocks are assholes.

Decade 2 (1984-1993): The formidable years were wild.  Really go into sports, scouts and girls.  Like everyone else, 11-20 is jam-packed with crazy stuff.  Here are some of the highlights—from what I recall:

  • Got to start scouting and earned my Eagle Scout by 14 years old
  • Grew a TON—six inches the year between 6th and 7th grade.  I was 6’3” by my freshmen year of high school…topped out.
  • Became a decent basketball player.
  • Fell in love with sailing, family trip to Bahamas early in this decade and topped off by two weeks on the Victory Chimes in Maine following my high school graduation.
  • Off to Georgia Tech where I amassed the worst GPA you can get in my first quarter of school…somehow managed to still graduate in 1997.

Decade 3 (1994-2003):  Twenty-one to Thirty were beyond wild.  My first son comes along—Dylan was born June 5th, 1995. Saw Europe and the West and developed a keen interest in fly fishing, golf, and managed to bungee jump.  Began my career in Insurance and Financial Services and this was punctuated by the Minicrash of 1997, Y2K/Tech Bubble crash of 2000, September 11th and the ubiquity of cellular phones….man was 1994 to 2003 a wild and crazy time.  Started to get out of shape and fat…would eventually get back in shape in my 30’s.

Decade 4 (2004-2013):  OK, this is a fun one.  If you’d ask me before 2004 any of the following, here would be your answers:

  • Are you going to get married?  Nope—ended up doing it twice.
  • Charles, will you become a health/fitness coach? NO WAY, but somehow opened up Crossfit Vinings, later called Atlanta Strength and Conditioning.
  • You’re going to publish a book?  What the hell are you talking about??  Yet, Paleo Comfort Foods hit the shelves in September 2011 and Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods in 2013?
  • Met Joel Salatin and got my first farming bug!

Also in this decade, got to welcome Farrow’s VP of Farming/fulfillment, Charles Scott Mayfield IV to the world in 2012.  Scott—you’re a beast buddy and I’m so proud of the young man you’re growing into. Easily this decade’s greatest gift!!

Decade 5 (2014-2023): Could have never imagined how the last ten years would have unfolded. No regrets…but oh boy were there some life lessons.

  • My VP of Manufacturing and amazingly beautiful Daughter kicks this decade off!  Adelyn, you are such a bright light in my life.
  • Another cookbook published with Weeknight Paleo and also developed the recipes for Robb Wolf’s Wired to Eat.
  • Started Mayfield Pastures and learned how to grow pastured meat.
  • Launched a hemp company and learned some incredible lessons about the legal system and friendship.
  • Discovered that the LARD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS and decided to launch Farrow in 2022.

As I’m writing this blog post, my oldest son (Dylan) is in Taiwan to make a proposal. So incredibly excited for him and fingers crossed that the next decade brings me a few grandbabies.

Scott and Adelyn are going to see an amazing next ten years.  Middle School, High School and who knows what’s beyond for them.  I only hope that I can bring them as many opportunities and experiences as I was given.

Where do I see Farrow?  We will continue to disrupt the skincare world and raise awareness about the necessity and importance of regenerative agriculture. Farrow will be a global brand in the coming decade and we’re going to show the world just how powerful the Lard can be.  The world needs the Lard more than ever these days…and we’re the just ones to bring it to them.