State of Your Skin Union

On the heels of our 46th’s address to the world, it seemed fitting to address several pertinent issues regarding our skin and the future of this great organ. Lest we not forget that our skin Is Our Largest Organ! There were several critical topics covered in President Biden’s State of the Union Address—let’s skin it up!

Spending and the overall Skincare Economy

The skincare economy is BOOMING! Consumers are spending more on their skin now than ever before. Costs to the manufacturers and marketers of these products continue to spiral downward due to the ubiquitous use of cheaper and more toxic ingredients. Profits continue to rise whilst American Skin pays the price. Dermatologists, aestheticians, and big pharma continue to promote multi-step routines using many different products to address symptoms of poor skin health and never addressing the root causes.
We think it’s time to fight back!

– Reduce the number of products on your bathroom counter and replace them with quality ingredients and fewer skin-drying chemicals.
– Spend less on skincare and more on quality foods to nourish your body from the inside out —a huge part of skin health.
– Reduce harsh soap and cleanser use to restore your skin’s natural oils and moisture.

Corporate profits continue to skyrocket for Big Skin/Pharma. We like to see consumers spend their money on domestic skincare and putting more money in the hands of farmers growing health animals to eat. To borrow a phrase from our dear friend the Swedish Bikini Chef: “Eat Meat & Be

Not only does animal protein give your body/skin the nutrients it needs to thrive…the fat from those animals (especially pigs) is highly aligned with our skin.

ShrinkFlation and Domestic Jobs

Skincare costs continue to climb amidst the continued use of synthetic lab-produced ingredients along with strange plant derived compounds. Prices continue to rise whilst the ingredients and amounts continue to fall. Your eye cream used to come in a 1-ounce jar— now it’s .5 ounces and costs 10% more. What the ever-living phuck?
Can we re-domesticate skincare in America? We think so. Instead of sourcing ingredients from oil &
gas companies, chemical labs, and rare plant roots from overseas; How about we lean into US-
based Regenerative Farmers to source the most nutrient dense fats for our skin?
Skincare can be a leading factor in the patriotization of US-based meat production. It takes people to properly raise animals. By aiming our skincare dollars at companies built from animal agriculture, we can create more jobs in the agricultural space and start healing the United States most precious commodity—soil!!

The Crisis on the Border

As many of you already know, our skin has been under a constant surge of undocumented compounds and chemicals for many years. This issue has been around since the 1940’s…shortly following the adoption of the Food and Cosmetics Act of 1938.

Our skin is the border between our endocrine system and the outside world. In the last decade, we have seen a sustained surge of foreign actors that are slowly ruining our skin’s health. There has
also been increased pressure to sterilize and sanitize the skin due to the fear mongering associated with the Plandemic. We must protect our border—but how?


Let’s put a stop to undocumented ingredients getting on our skin. Read your labels. If your skincare product has something in it and you can’t pronounce it (or don’t know what it is), that doesn’t belong on your skin.


Increase security on our skin border by reducing the harsh chemicals and cleaners that strip away our natural oils.


We must provide a more effective path to those healthy ingredients that want to make a positive difference in our skin’s health. Using Lard and Tallow for cooking, skincare, and cleaning products (like soap) will carve a path to optimal skin for all citizens.

2024 is the year to vote for better skin. Farrow is delighted to be a candidate in the race for skincare supremacy. We appreciate your vote!