Metabolic Health is the Magic Pill!

What better way to honor World Carnivore month than to head back to South Florida to join the Low Carb USA & Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners for three days of deep discussion around healthy living.  Packed up my Bulgarian Bag (now officially known as a “workout pillow” to the airlines) to keep pace with the workout program I’m doing with Mike Salemi.

The weekend started off with a deep dive into Type 1 Diabetes management.  Got to hear from Beth McNally and several other amazing speakers on how to thrive whilst living with T1D. Dr. Ian Lake was also there to share his own journey as a GP and one living with T1D for over 20 years.

It’s challenging coming to these conferences as a vendor and wanting so badly to leave the table and go listen to each of the speakers.  Friday’s lineup was incredible, and I needed to stay at the booth to make sure all the attendees got lathered up.  Dr. Lake was back on stage talking exercise and there were some amazing other speakers: Dr. Robert Cywes, Dr. Belinda Lennerz, and Dr. Eric Westman.

Friday closed out with a BANG!  The Low Carb Team put together an amazing meal with zero seed oils and beyond delightful keto desert. This was all paired with an assortment of Keto friendly wines from Dry Farm Wines and I got to hang with an old buddy of mine—Mark Moschel, the CEO of the coolest beverage company out there. You may remember that we partnered with DFW to host our inaugural Gather and Lather.  This trip reminded me that we need to do that again.

In addition to Dry Farm Wines, got to meet a few other incredible brands in the Low Carb space.  My booth was adjacent to the Keto Mojo team—Love Them. Also got to partake in numerous flavors from The Good Idea beverage group. Really enjoyed getting to hang with Rosettes Mixes. We shared stories of startups in the health space and the challenges of scaling with hand-crafted products. So much fun to share the vendor floor with these amazing brands.

Saturday highlights were getting to hear Ben Bikman’s talk and hanging out with Eric Reynolds—founder of Keto Five-O.  This was our second full day at the conference and it’s always the most fun day.  We get folks lathered up on Friday and then Saturday…they come back to the table to tell us how amazingly good their skin feels after putting Farrow on the day before. The evening was closed out with more Dry Farm Wines and another incredible meal from the Low Carb USA team.  It has been incredibly impressive how accommodating Marriott has been with the menu selections and preparation. They knocked it out of the park.

Sunday rolled around and I was FIRED UP!  Two of my most anticipated speakers were on stage: Dr. Phil Ovadia and Dr. Eric Berg.  Farrow is a proud partner in Dr. Ovadia’s private practice.  We provide his patients with a metabolically friendly skincare option to enhance his dietary work.  Dr. Berg, this was my first time meeting him in person. He’s been a huge voice in the health space for some time and never hurts to rub elbows with someone having over 20M followers on YouTube.

Those with Type I and Type II diabetes deserve to know the whole story on metabolic health and the mechanisms that can optimize their health and manage their disease.

I need to find more reasons to be in South Florida in January—OMG has it been nice down there.

Looking more like we’re turning the corner on public knowledge and education on the benefits of Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore living. Long way to go…but the data is trending in a positive direction.

Our mission to spread the lard is unwavering. This weekend was no exception—lathered up a few hundred folks and made some major breakthroughs in just a few days with a number of people.

Mark Your Calendars!

The next Symposium for Metabolic Health

will be in San Diego California August 15-18th.