Whole Animal Nutrition for the Win!

January is World Carnivore month! What better way to kick it off than
joining hands with a ton of amazing consumer product brands to
celebrate health and educate people on incorporating more animal products into your diet.

Welcome to ORGANUARY!!!

The month where the power of organ meats are put on full display by Chef James Barry, founder of Eat Pluck. I first met James at KetoCon in Austin Texas and immediately loved everything about his company. Eat Pluck is on a similar path as we are—promoting optimal health through the lens of ancient secrets that have been ignored by the mainstream for far too long. Much like SmartLard™ can unlock the key to optimal skin health, consuming nutrient dense organ meats is often the best way to fill in the vitamin and mineral gaps in your diet. One way I always judge a product is by how it is adopted by the VPs of Farrow. Let me just say that rarely does a meal go by that Scott and Adelyn aren’t asking for the Pluck Zesty Garlic powder to put on their meat or eggs.

So, Join Us for Organuary by Clicking Here!

A few words about Carnivore—in case you were wondering. I decided last December (just over year ago) to transition to a carnivore diet. Much like many dietary protocols, it has quite a bit of variance in the application. Carnivore, much like Paleo, Keto & Pescatarian all have different meaning to different folks. What was my carnivore journey? I would say that for the past 12 months, 95% of my diet has come from the following foods:

  • Meat (primarily beef, pork & chicken)
  • Eggs
  • Dairy (raw & processed cheese, raw & pasteurized milk)
  • Guacamole & Anything Primal Kitchen Makes
  • Plenty of sea salt and salt supplementation using LMNT
  • The remaining 5% was the occasional fruit, ice cream/gelato, cake, and
    corn tortilla chips from Masa Chips.
pig hoof prints illustration

In summary, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this way of eating. A typical day for me is two meals between Noon and 8pm. Burgers, steaks, frittatas and chuck roast are the predominant foods for a meal. Calorically, I’m working hard to eat 3000 calories each day. The new year is going to present some challenges as I’m going to attempt to put some muscle on now that I’m turning 50. The convenience and taste of eating this way has taught me so much and it’s hard to explain how skeptical I was coming into my carnivorous adventure. Huge thanks to Dr. Shawn Baker for his book and living by example. Farrow is about giving people their Best Skin Ever! It is my firm belief that eating a diet rich in animal fats and protein is an optimal way to give your skin the tools it needs to glow. Our Smartlard™ is topically going to enhance and accelerate optimal skin too! May the Lard continue to shower down upon you all and we’ll see you for the Organuary Challenge!