2023 Wrap-up

Our Thoughts : Some Killer Brands : What’s Next

As we close in on the final days of this year, it seemed appropriate to reflect on
the last twelve months and throw a little of our Farrow spice on what has been an
incredible second year in business. So much gratitude in our hearts for so many
people, groups, and brands who played a role in our success.

  • Greater Reset Conference: Bastrop TX
  • Finalized and Launched EpicDermis Base Cream
  • KetoCon: Austin TX
  • ALT Health Summit: Nashville TN
  • Momentum in the Mountains: Monterey Virginia with the Kiddos
  • Miami Lathered with Ben Azadi and Mark Sisson
  • Weston A Price Wise Traditions Conference: Kansas City MO
  • Las Vegas for the Digital Social Hour

More friends and fans made across the span of this year that we can count. One HUGE plus being in the Healthy Consumer Products Space is that you get to meet lots of other super amazing brands that are doing things right! Allow us to shine a light on some of the most amazing and impactful brands that we adore and want to see grow in the coming year.

Georgia Grinders

In the world of Nut Butters, there is simply no better
brand around than this group. They were one of the first brands to be
Whole 30 Approved and have a menu of amazing nut butters that are
hand-crafted in Atlanta, GA. Our personal favorite is the Pecan Butter.

The Carnivore Bar

This past year had me in a ton of airports and long
car rides lathering up this great nation. Met Phillip and Courtney at
KetoCon in Austin this May and have been in love with their product
ever since. Finding Clean/Healthy food on the road is impossible now.
Their Honey BBQ bars have gotten me through trips to Miami, Austin,
Las Vegas, and Virginia this year.

Drink LMNT

I’ve been a fan of this company for many years. Salt has
been demonized and is under consumed when eating a healthy diet.
LMNT has been my savior on every road trip and post workout recovery
for years. Super-clean ingredients and no junk. They make drinking
water fun…and the kids LOVE the flavors. Our personal favorite is a tie
between Watermelon and Caramel salt.

Noble Origins

The first consumer product from Brett & Harry at the
Meat Mafia. Huge fan of their Nose to Tail utilization of the animal and
their protein powders have now become the favorite for Scott/Adelyn
and Dad. Plant-based proteins suck compared to animal-based
proteins…just like skincare. Farrow promotes animal-based skincare
and food.

Sauna Space

They have been a client of mine for years…and I’m a
client of theirs. Their 4-light wall panel has been a complete game-
changer for my recovery and morning routine. Brian Richards, the
founder, is the absolute expert on the light spectrum and has crafted
his product to be the most efficacious and impactful. Sauna Space has
been a huge part in our journey and keeping me healthy.

Get Blokes

Been working with this group now (personally) for nearly six
months. They do an amazingly thorough job on hormone analysis and
recommendation. They have been very patient with me and are willing
to view HRT as a last resort. The supplements and peptide
recommendations they have made have been super impactful. If you’re
not feeling quite “up to snuff”, consider Blokes for men and Choose Joi
for ladies.

Carnivore Snax

Another handy and quite nutritious consumer brand
that is going things so right! They source all their meat from
Regenerative farms and they nutrition each bag packs is incredible. We
love this company and how they are shaking up the jerky market.
Here’s to hoping we can do the same thing in skincare.
We appreciate you taking a look at these amazing
brands. They are doing great work and it’s an honor to
share the stage with them as consumer brands that give
a shit!

Farrow Total skincare bundle jars and bottle

For starters, we’re going to continue our primary marketing initiative, podcast appearances. You can help!! If you have a favorite podcast and think the audience could use some real talk about skincare, make the introduction! There are several products in development, and we are targeting the second quarter 2024 as possibly being able to launch a few new SKUs. Tinkering with soap, deodorant, and more…stay tuned. Continue to build our subscription model. Yes, we believe that every household in American should have Farrow showing up every few months to keep their skin healthy and radiant. Our subscriptions allow us to fill orders in real time and ship the products at their peak of freshness. That’s why we offer a 15% discount for all subscriptions.