No Water

Avoid the hidden costs of skin creams. 

globe falling into water

When it comes to skincare products, do you know what you’re paying for? 

The face cream my mom used to buy cost $32 for half an ounce. You could pay less or more – but if you’re looking at a commercial moisturizer, it’s likely what you’ll be paying for will be 75% water. That’s because all commercial skin creams are 75% water, 20% fat, and 5% emulsifier. 

Commercial skin creams are
75% water,
20% fat,
and 5% emulsifier

If you do the math, (and, of course, I did) that would mean every time my mom spent $32 on a new jar of face cream, she was actually paying: 

  • $6.40 for effective ingredients 
  • $1.60 for emulsifiers
  • And a whopping $24 for two-thirds of a half an ounce of water

Taking it further (yep, I did that, too) you’ll see here how these companies are making a killing off of selling water. 

  • 75% of half an ounce = .375 ounce 
  • There are 128 ounces in a gallon
  • 128 divided by .375 = 341.333
  • 341.333 times 24 = 8,192 

$8,192 for a gallon of water! 
Talk about a miracle in a jar! 

The miracle
in these jars is
for the
manufacturers’ bottom line.

Unfortunately, this miracle is not so much for your face, but for the commercial skin cream industry’s bottom line. Water adds nothing beneficial for your skin. In fact, water is dehydrating. Think about that for a minute. 

It’s the fat in skin creams that does all the work. Plant or animal fat is the essential moisturizing ingredient that combats the signs of aging and relieves any number of other skin issues. So why add water? Obviously not to improve effectiveness.  Commercial manufacturers add water simply to make their products feel creamier. 

That’s nice, right? I mean, who doesn’t like a creamy texture? Except that adding water creates two additional problems. Problems commercial manufacturers solve with chemicals and toxins.  

1: Adding water to fat creates an environment where mold can grow. Yuck.

2: Water and fat tend to not stay blended. Eventually they will separate—which customers don’t like. 

By adding water—which delivers zero skin benefit—commercial skin creams now need to add toxic chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to keep their textures creamy and their products mold-free. And those chemicals then get absorbed into the skin and stored in your body, where the health costs quietly add up. (More on that in a future blog.) 

There is no water in Farrow skin creams. 

Water in skin creams isn’t good for your skin or your wallet. It just takes up space, waters down effectiveness, and causes other serious problems. 

FaceFood and SkinFood are
100% full-fat
100% chemical free

At Farrow Skincare, we never have and never will dilute our creams with water. Our creams are 100% fat and 100% chemical- and toxin-free. Farrow is made with clean, natural ingredients, including SmartLard™ sourced exclusively from regenerative farms. With Farrow skin care products, you’ll never pay for chemicals or fillers or bear the hidden costs to your health. And because Farrow is a full-fat cream, a little goes a long way. Here’s to simple, clean products and achieving the healthiest, most vibrant skin possible.