Cope(ing) with Better Skin!

Sydney Cope joins the Farrow Family through our partnership with Scenes Media

When Scenes Media asked us to send a Total Skincare Bundle to Sydney Cope, we got so excited. Sydney is an extremely talented artist with an amazing voice and quite the list of accomplishments in dance, film, and production. She loved Farrow from the start, and we’ve really enjoyed her willingness to take the plunge into lard-based skincare.

With all her accomplishments and her bright career path ahead, we felt like we’d picked ripe fruit right from the vine. Young, talented, and beautiful are always a great place to start when placing your product with someone.

Sydney made a comment in her promotional video that really sank in with us:

When I feel confident in my skin, I always feel confident entering the studio.”

You said it, Sydney!  Our skin is not just our largest organ, it’s the thing that the world sees. Having great skin is foundational to confidence and health. Sydney is a shining example of how Farrow is helping people of all walks of life feel confident and ready to tackle life. 

Here is where you can follow Sydney’s Journey.

How are you coping with your skin health? Is there a particular skin problem you’re having that is keeping you from being your most confident and beautiful self?  Big skincare companies want you to commit to 15-step programs with multiple products and routines. These companies don’t want to talk about sleep, hydration, and lifestyle practices that encourage optimal skin health. 

How would your confidence go up, if you were rid of that skin condition that is always nagging at you?  Not a week goes by that we aren’t bombarded by emails and texts from Farrow users telling us how our products have helped them.

Sydney—THANK YOU!  We look forward to seeing your star shine brighter and your skin to continue to glow. You’re crushing it!