Lasso-ing the Skincare World

The first time I was likened to Ted Lasso was Spring 2021 at a party in Atlanta Georgia. Admittedly, I had no idea who this Lasso fellow was, and the comparison slipped my mind following the party.  My mustache was shaved shortly after this event and would not make another appearance until January 2023. Adelyn was a big fan of daddy’s mustache and had been requesting its re-appearance nearly every time she was with me.

So, the “stache” was back and by this time, I had become aware of the Ted Lasso show and had watched the barbecue sauce dart game scene after it showed up in my media feed. While staying with friends on a recent trip to Miami, they wouldn’t let up about the similarities between Coach Lasso and myself.

What started as an innocent exploration of the hype surrounding this show quickly turned into a total binge moment of staring directly in the mirror of comical frustration.  Not only did I share a physical appearance with Jason Sudeikis’ character, but an amazingly similar experience in understanding a world completely unfamiliar to me—skincare.

Coach Lasso’s attempts at grasping soccer’s rules and general terminology had me laughing in my own respective cleats. Since launching Farrow in January 2022, it has been an uphill climb trying to understand the skincare industry:

-Why do they use synthetic chemicals and petroleum?
-Wait, we need an AM cream and a PM cream?
-What the hell is a serum?
-You mean dermatologists don’t talk about diet, exercise or sleep?
-But why can’t you use Lard?

Despite his lack of soccer knowledge and strategy, Coach Lasso understands what is most important when it comes to success on the pitch; caring for and supporting the players to be the best men they can be. Keep things simple and throw in some timely humor when necessary.

Smartlard logo

We’re taking a similar approach here at Farrow. Fundamentally, skincare is about quality ingredients that align with human biology.  There is no greater ingredient on the planet for your skin than our SmartLard™.

You can count on us to have fun and and throw in as much humor as possible. Lard willing, the puns will never stop either.

Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and deep connection Coach Lasso. You’ve got an AFC Richmond fan for life here and we’ll hope to grow big enough to replace Bantr one day as the team’s main sponsor.